Wellness Journey

A couple of months ago I was researching exactly what wellness means and I came across this thing called the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness”. When most people think of wellness they just think of emotional and physical. So what are these other six dimensions of wellness? I was very confused, but the more I read…

Weight Loss Journey Check In – 1

Hey, everyone! It’s been about a month since I last wrote about my weight loss journey and I am proud to say, I’ve lost another 3 pounds and with that, my total weight loss is 6 pounds! Hooray! 6 pounds in two and half months isn’t too bad, that is about a pound a week….

Traveling on a Budget

In 4 months my boyfriend and I will be flying to Japan. It’s so unbelievable, it still feels like this is a dream. It probably won’t hit me until me feet touch Japanese soil that I am going to Japan. It’s taken me many years to get here and I’m so excited. Going to Japan…

My Journey with Weight

This will sound cliche, I know I’m not the only one, but this is my story about my weight issues. I was never overweight as a child, and I was only slightly overweight as a young teenager. I’m not sure when it happened, I think when I was around 15 I started gaining weight. Rapidly….