Wedding Planning – Getting Started

In one of my previous posts I talked about how I might start a series of my wedding planning adventure and here it is part 1!

I do not have the money to hire a wedding planner. Which mean I am the wedding planner for my wedding. I’m perfectly okay with that, I love planning things so this will be fun but stressful. I’m using a couple wedding websites to help me stay on track or even just get on the right track.

One of the websites is, this website is amazing. It has a lot of local vendors all in one place. From DJs to Florists, this website has a list of them with reviews from past brides. It’s super helpful and has helped me realize exactly how many vendors I need for my wedding. Which to my surprise is a lot more than I thought I would need. It also has a handy checklist feature that lets you know what should be done when. I’m ahead of schedule on a couple of things according to the checklist and that is a great feeling!

The other website I’m using is called, this website is also great. Though it lacks somethings that WeddingWire has, it has other things as well. Which is why I’m using both WeddingWire and the knot for my wedding planning. The knot also has a checklist as well, but I prefer wedding wires just as a personal opinion. They are both great but I like WeddingWire better. Another great feature that the knot has is it has a lot of pictures and inspiration for you to get an idea of what you want for your wedding.

My favorite feature of the knot is the fact that it has a guest list. On the guest list, I can put all my guests into households, along with estimate the number of guests easily. If I’m allowing someone to bring someone, it allows to just have a plus one until I get their names. The guest list is also a checklist. On the guest list, I’m able to track when I’ve sent them an invite, if they RSVP’s, their meal choice, their gift, if I sent a thank you note and any other notes on them. I’m also able to export the list. This feature in itself is super valuable and honestly, if they only offered this I would be completely fine with it.

Both of them are valuable tools and I think anyone who is planning their wedding should know about them! It’s helped me realize everything I need to do and get. I’ve also been able to really think about what kind of wedding I want. As I mentioned in another post, I really haven’t been planning my wedding my whole life. So it’s hard for me to know exactly what I want or need for my wedding.

Now, for the checklist items, I’ve completed. My checklist is mostly unchecked and it stresses me out a little bit, so to make myself feel better, I’m going to write about what I have accomplished.

  • Announce Engagement
    • Done
  • Plan your engagement Party:
    • Done, though it won’t happen for awhile because my Fiance is traveling for work.
  • Schedule an engagement photo shoot
    • Done
    • The photo shoot has been completed. I even have my pictures back. I’ll share them at the end of this post.
  • Start your guest list
    • Done
    • I have way more people than I thought I would have.
  • Select Your wedding date
    • Done
    • March 16th,  2019
  • Find and book your wedding planner
    • Done
    • It’s me. (haha)
  • Choose Color Scheme
    • Done. Blush, Gold, and Green.colors
  • Select your wedding party
    • Done
    • 3 bridesmaids
    • 3 groomsmen.
  • Find and book ceremony venue
    • Done
  • Find and book reception venue
    • Done
  • Create your wedding website
    • Done
  • Find and book your wedding photographer
    • Somewhat done, need to put deposit down.
  • Create your wedding hashtag
    • Done

That is 14 out of 80 to-dos, not great but also it’s still super early. I still have a little over a year to plan everything. Which is a perfect amount of time. I will continue to update my checklist on this blog until I get all 80 to-dos done. Planning a wedding is super overwhelming but putting my intentions out in the world with this blog makes me feel a little better. I hope someone enjoyed this blog and it made you realize you aren’t alone. I’ll talk more about how I feel about my wedding planning and details in my next posts.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day!

Now as promised, here are my engagement photos! All photos were taken by Rachel at Aislinn Kate Photography.


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