January Goal Recap

I don’t know about you, but January went by in a blink of an eye. I can’t remember the last time a month went by this fast. Usually, January seems to drag on for me, but not this year. It’s been an interesting month for me. After months of finally feeling like I got my mental health under control. My depression decided to make an unwelcome appearance. I lost all of my energy and my motivation to do anything. It was hard for me, and I’m still feeling the remnants of it. I am feeling a lot better, my motivation is slowly coming back. It took about 3 weeks to feel like myself again, which is a long time. But I didn’t let it beat me and that’s what counts!

Even with my depression taking over my mind for awhile, I was still able to accomplish some of my goals. I’m so proud that I was able to even complete half of this list. This also helps me see that even though I was in a dark place, I was able to help myself and stick to my goals. I’ve gotten better at handling my depression and I think that’s something to be proud of. Without further ado, here are my January goals and their results!

My January Goals

✔ Read a Book

Taking the time to read a book is something I haven’t done in a while. I love to read, but I’ve gotten into the habit of playing with the games on my phone instead of reading. The games on my phone are a bit mind numbing and I think that’s why I’ve started playing them more often. It lets me escape my thoughts. However, reading does the same thing! With my goal in mind, I bought a couple of books on my Kindle and started reading. I ended up finishing an old favorite of mine, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. It’s a long book, but it’s a good book. I recommend it. I’ve also started reading, What are you Hungry For? , so far it’s an interesting book. I mostly started reading it because my favorite fitness studio is starting a book club and that’s the first book! Hopefully, with me joining the book club I’ll be able to finish one or two books every month.

✖ Cook all of my food, eat out once a week

I technically failed at this goal because I didn’t stick to the eat out once a week rule. However, I didn’t eat out as much as I had been doing. I even tried Blue Apron which wasn’t that great but it was fun to try! I have a pattern that I’ve noticed, I’ll cook Monday through Thursday and then on Friday I give up and order takeout. Now that I know my pattern, I’m going to try and break it next month.

✔ Get in the habit of taking vitamins

This was a huge success mostly because I got an app that allowed me to track my habits! Being able to see how many days I’ve taken my vitamins and not wanting to break that cycle was a big help to this. I also set a reminder on my phone to take them shortly after breakfast. Taking vitamins is something small, but it’s something I never go into the habit of doing. The fact that I was able to remember to take them for 31 days straight is a miracle. Now that I have 31 stars on my tracker app, I don’t want to ruin that!

✖ Go for walks at lunch time

This one was a tough one to accomplish. Where I lived froze over two weeks in a row, which is crazy because I live in Florida. Anyone else who lives in Florida knows that if it freezes even a little, everything shuts down and that’s exactly what happened. Not only was it freezing outside, but I also don’t have proper winter clothing. Like I said, I live in Florida and you never need more than one layer. Going outside was hard, and I didn’t really do it. With that being said, I did get a subscription to Daily Burn and I have been working out during my lunch break using that! Even though I haven’t been walking I have been exercising.

✖ Catch up on Laundry

I can’t be the only one who is constantly behind on laundry, right? This month I just couldn’t find the energy to do laundry every week. I think another big problem I have is the fact that I have too many clothes. If I had less I’d have to do laundry every week, I might go through and sort out everything. One day I’ll catch up on laundry, but sadly that didn’t happen this month

✖ Try a new fitness class

Trying a new fitness class would have been so much fun. Sadly, I didn’t have the funds or the energy to go to one this month. However, I did end up going to a $5 charity meditation class that was amazing. I think I’m going to try and get into meditation this year. It hard to let my thoughts go, but once I did it was the most blissful 5 minutes of my life.

✔ Go to Yoga at least once

I didn’t go to a yoga studio to do yoga, but I did do a couple of home yoga sessions. Which was perfect and it made me feel great. I’m hoping to actually go to a studio in February. There is just something peaceful about a yoga studio that I can’t replicate at home.

✔ Paint a picture

While I didn’t paint a picture from scratch, I did paint one of those coloring books with watercolors. It was fun and peaceful. There is a pile of adult coloring books that I own and I never actually use them. I’m hoping to use them more this year, especially now that I’ve found out how fun it is to paint with watercolors.

✔ Relax More

Relaxing more seems like such an easy goal to achieve. Life can be so hectic and full of things that sometimes it’s hard to just sit back and relax. I tried my best to relax on every Sunday and I achieved it! I made sure I didn’t have any errands to run or things to do on Sundays and it worked. I enjoyed my time relaxing.

✔  Organize the Kitchen

Living in an apartment has its ups and downs. One of the downsides is the fact that my kitchen is tiny, which means I need to have a place for everything or it looks chaotic. I have limited counter space that was being filled with utensils and oven mitts. I spent about $30 and bought some organizing things. I got a plastic bag dispenser, command strip hooks and a pantry door organizer. With these things, I was able to clear off counter space and make my kitchen look bigger.

Completed 6 out of 10

Completing 6 out of 10 isn’t the best score, but the fact that I did all of these things while battling my depression is impressive to me. I feel great knowing that I was still able to accomplish some of these things and get over my episode. January was an interesting month and it went by so quick!

How was your January? Did you have any goals you wanted to complete? Did you complete them? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!


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  1. Great post! Some progress is better than no progress at all. 🙂 For me the biggest achievements this year are cooking more at home and becoming a vegetarian. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jasmine says:

      That’s a pretty big achievement! It’s hard to become vegetarian!


  2. Kati Lyn says:

    Yeah, Florida in the cold is basically a complete shut down. I’m in Sarasota and we get a little weird when it gets cold.

    For laundry, if you have a unit in house, try and just do small loads once a day or once every other day rather than once a week. It might help with tackling the laundry loads. And, maybe try and do one load at a time from start to finish, rather than a load in the dryer and a load in the washer. Just one step at a time. Just a thought.

    Good luck with the goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jasmine says:

      Florida is so funny in the cold.
      As for the laundry technique! Thanks for the tips. I’ve always been terrible with laundry. I decided to set a goal of finishing one load a day until I get all caught up! Hopefully that will help!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kati Lyn says:

        The hardest loads for me to get the motivation for are the ones with the small stuff…undies, socks, etc…I just don’t feel like folding them or putting them away…so I separate them into one load alone and when they’re done, since folding isn’t important for them, I load them in a basket and get to them when I get to them.

        Hope it helps! Good luck!


  3. speak766 says:

    Sounds like you have some great goals! Wish you all the best – speak766


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