I’m Engaged!

As some of you know, my boyfriend of almost 7 years proposed to me while we were in Japan! It was such an amazing surprise and I still can’t get over the fact that he planned it all out without me finding out about it. After he proposed to me I asked him a million questions like.

“When did you buy the ring?”

“Does my family know?”

“Who else knows?”

“How long have you been planning this?”

You know, normal questions from a person who literally knows everything all the time. He simply laughed at me and answered all my questions. He’d apparently had this planned for months and he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee. I felt very special and so loved. I didn’t post anything on social media for a couple days, not until I was able to tell those who are important to me. I know they would have just seen the post, but I really wanted to tell my parents myself. I also really wanted to tell my best friend myself without it being on social media. They reacted the way I thought they would react, super happy, and surprised that he finally proposed. I feel like after almost 7 years people started to give up on the thought that we would get married.

I’m not the type of girl who has been planning her wedding since she was a child. My plans for my future never involved having a husband or wife. They always involved education and getting a job. When I was a child I told my parents that I was going to become President of the United States! I was around 8 or 9 when I said that, so you can see where my mindset has always been. I’ve always been reaching for the stars but not thinking about if someone would be by my side.

Growing up my parents taught me to be independent and not rely on anyone. I am so grateful for that, but being engaged makes me realize that I’m going to have my fiance with me for the rest of my life. I honestly couldn’t be happier, even though I never dreamed of a moment like this, it just feels so natural with him. We’ve been together for almost 7 years now and I just feel so comfortable with him. I truly believe, no matter how corny it is, that he is my soulmate.

You might be asking, “well why were you dating him for so long if you didn’t have any plans to get married?”. My answer to that is, I wanted a partner in life, not just a husband or a wife. A lot of people get married for the wrong reasons, and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I wanted to make sure that I really did love him and that I really wanted to be with him. I wouldn’t have minded waiting another 7 years. If I was going to get married, I was going to do it to someone I knew would be there for me and help me with everything.

My fiance has seen me through the good times and the bad. He knows how to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day mentally. He doesn’t judge me for who I am and he also puts me in my place when I’m wrong. I didn’t want to be with someone who allowed me to be wrong and just pampers me. I needed someone who would tell me when I need to fix things, someone to push me out of my comfort zone while also being there for me.

I recently told him my dream of becoming president. Instead of saying, “Oh that’s stupid” or “That will never happen”. He told me that I needed to get more involved with my community and start from there. He said if I really wanted it to happen I’d need to work. That is exactly the type of person I want to be by my side for the rest of my life.

Not only is 7 years a long time, but it’s been enough time for me to realize that I really do want to be with him forever. A lot of people saw us and thought it was strange that we had been together for so long without children or being married. It was a good way for both of us to know if this is what we really want. The good thing about us being together for so long is that no one is asking if we really want to get married. They’ve all been waiting for the day we would be married.

We’ve been together through the last years of our teenage lives to now our mid-twenties. There have been a lot of learning curves that we’ve learned together. Being together that long has also made me realize that he is one of my best friends. Of course, I have a best friend who I consider a sister, but he is my best friend as well. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m so happy that I’m able to call him my best friend.

A date has been chosen. March 16th, 2019. It is our dating anniversary and he requested we be married on that date so we don’t have to remember another date. I agreed with him, March 16th of 2019 fall on a Saturday which is perfect. I honestly feel like it was meant to be. I’m in the early stages of planning my wedding but we do have a ceremony venue and a reception venue!

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, I will more than likely write about all of that on here as well. Maybe make it a series, we’ll see what happens! Thank you so much for reading! Have an amazing day!


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      Thank you!!!

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