Where have I been?

“Where have I been?”, I haven’t written regularly on this blog for about 3 months now! Which is crazy because I love to write. However, right before I left for Japan, I hit some major writer’s block. I had no idea what I wanted to write about or where to even begin. I know you are supposed to keep writing in order to get over writer’s block, but it’s been hard for me to write anything.

Life always get’s hectic around the end of October. I have multiple birthdays, and of course the holidays. It’s hard to find time to write or even have the energy to write when I’m so tired. Work was full of stress with me preparing for my trip to Japan and there was so much to do. Even with all of this, I shouldn’t make excuses when I want to become a better writer. I took the first step to becoming a better writer last year and started this blog. For a while I had things posting every three days, but I feel like I burnt out quickly. My goal was to become a better writer and I feel like I’ve become a little better. However, I still need to work on it.

This year, I still want to become a better writer. Next month I’m taking a writing class and then after that, I will be taking another class. I want to become better and more confident in my writing abilities. Some days I feel like I can write amazingly and then I read it a couple months down the line and I hate it. Which honestly is a good thing. It means I’m improving, at least a little bit. I go through cycles of self-doubt that leads to writer’s block all the time. I’m going to try to get over that self-doubt, and post as much as I can, even if I’m not 100% in love with what I’ve written. At least I’ve written something.

Every single thing I’ve read about becoming a better writer talks about how in order to be a good writer you need to write a lot. From stories to diary entries, I need to write more. Another piece of advice people give is to read more. Both of these things I’m going to try to do more of. I usually only write when I’m inspired to write, but if I want to improve my writing I need to work harder at it. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve been working as hard as I should be to improve my writing. Stephen King recommends turning off the TV screen, this year I’m going to try to do that as well. Instead of watching Netflix or playing video games I can read. I’ll pick up writing styles along with other things if I read more.

Last year my posting schedule was every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I switched it to every Tuesday and Wednesday. For the first half of this year, I’m going to post every Monday with an occasional bonus post on Fridays. Once I feel like I’ve gotten over my writer’s block that has been hanging around for months, I will switch to every Monday and Friday with an occasional bonus on Wednesdays.

Hopefully, this year is the year I become a better writer and really become comfortable in my writing. I plan on writing a mix of fiction, non-fiction and just blogs about my life. I’m going to not only use this blog as a way to get my writing out into the world but also as an outlet for my emotions. Last year I was honest with a lot of things in my life and I will continue to do that.

I have a few blog posts that will be posted very soon, I’m proud of them as well. I think you all will enjoy them. I hope my weekly post schedule will be well received. It won’t be forever, soon it will be twice a week. For the time being, it will be weekly and I hope you enjoy everything I write. If you don’t, I would love to hear from you. I would also love to hear from you if you just like my posts. Thank you, everyone, who has been here with me through these months. I hope to run this blog for years to come!


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