New Years Resolutions!

Every year we all do the same thing when new years comes around. We boldly declare, “New Year, New Me!”, and the result of that declaration for most of us is nothing actually changes. I’m one of those people that set high expectations for the things I will accomplish in the new year. Last year was an amazing year for me, but none of the things I accomplished were actually new years resolutions! Yet here I am, satisfied with last year, even though I didn’t check of a single thing on my list from last year.

This year I’m changing things up, instead of setting really high expectations with my goals. I’m going to create easy to accomplish goals. Starting in August of last year, I started creating a list of monthly goals to achieve. The list was as simple as 5 things or up to 10 things that I wanted to get done during that month. For my new year’s resolutions this year, I’m going to list 10 things I would like to accomplish this year. I will continue to create smaller monthly goals.

I’m not creating a new me this year, I’m going to work on myself a create a better me. So here is a better me and healthier me in 2018!

New Years Resolutions

  1. Try to get into the routine of working out 30 minutes every other day
  2. Only eat fast food once a week or not at all
  3. Walk more, drive less
  4. Write at least 10 minutes every other day
  5. Read a book a month
  6. Say “No” more often
  7. Save $500 by the end of the year
  8. Pay off two credit cards
  9. Find happiness in little things
  10. Relax more

These goals are not too crazy, and I hope I can actually complete them by the end of next year. As mentioned above, I’m still going to create monthly goals for myself. Here is are my January goals!

January Goals

  1. Cook all of my food, eat out once a week
  2. Read a Book
  3. Get in the habit of taking vitamins
  4. Go for walks at lunch time
  5. Catch up on Laundry
  6. Try a new fitness class
  7. Go to Yoga at least once
  8. Paint a picture
  9. Relax
  10. Organize the kitchen

Again, these goals for the month are not crazy but they are great goals! I wanted to start my year off right, with cleaning, exercising and reading.

What are your New Years resolutions? Have you changed what you want to accomplish? Or are you using the same list as last year? Are you going to try to keep monthly goals? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! I hope we all have an amazing 2018!


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