My October Goals

October is my favorite month, not only is it officially Autumn but it is also the beginning of the holiday season here in America. The weather is cooling down, the days are getting shorter, Halloween is just around the corner, and sweater weather is coming. I live in Florida, so i’m still about 2 months away from actually being able to wear a sweater outside, but the weather is starting to cool down. No more days where the temperature is in the 90’s, the highest temperature will start to be around the 80’s and if I’m lucky the 70’s. This year October is even more exciting because that means I’m one month away from going to Japan! My goals this month are reflective of the changing of the seasons and my big trip.

My October Goals

 Lose 2 pounds

Slow weight lose seems to bet the key to success for me. Whenever I lose weight really fast, I gain it back super fast. If I can keep my weight loss slow I’m sure I can maintain it better, which is why my goal is only 2 pounds. That’s about a 1/2 pound a week, it’s doable and a healthy weight loss speed.

Go to Barre three times a week

Since I’ve been going to Barre at 5:30 am, I haven’t missed a class. I’m in the habit of going twice a week and honestly I want to go more. So this month I bought the unlimited class pass and I’m going to go at least three times a week if not more.

Try a new fitness class

While I’m on the topic of buying the unlimited class pass from my fitness studio, with this unlimited class pass I can try new classes within the month that it is valid. I plan on trying either TRX or Pilates, I might even try both. We’ll see, hopefully I like these classes as much as I like Barre. That way I can change up my exercise, if I do this I won’t hit a plateau as fast.

Save $300

My Japan trip is less than a month away! Can I start screaming now? I’m so excited, but I really need to save money for my trip. I’m hoping to save more, but $300 will get me right where I want to be with spending money for Japan.

Go to a pumpkin patch

As October goes on, more and more pumpkin patches are going to start popping up. I have not been to one since I was a child. This year I’m going to try and get to one. I’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors and I can find an amazing pumpkin!

Carve a pumpkin

I love decorating for Halloween, but last year I didn’t carve a pumpkin because I was so busy. This year I’m going to make the time to carve a pumpkin and display it proudly outside my apartment door.

Find new hiking/walking trails

I really want to start hiking/walking every weekend, and I would like to find trails I can follow. Where I live, there are quite a few, I’m going to try to find my favorite trail this month. Then I’ll find more next month and by the end of the year I should have at least 3 trails that I like to walk.

Go for walk every Saturday

This goes with my finding a trail I like to walk, but even if I don’t walk on a trail, I still want to walk at least 2 miles every Saturday.

Eat with the season and try new autumn recipes

Eating with the season is important and I want to try to accomplish this. I also want to find new autumn recipes that I enjoy. Autumn is my favorite season and I want to enjoy it as much as possible. Again, I live in Florida and we don’t get Autumn weather until the middle of November. However, we do get Autumn produce. This will help me celebrate the season, even if the weather hasn’t gotten there just yet.

Create a loose itinerary for Japan trip

When I say loose, I mean a non-exact itinerary. I don’t want to put pressure on myself while on vacation. It’ll mostly be list of places I want to visit so I don’t forget. Nothing super tight and it’ll be super flexible so we can wing it on some days. I want to enjoy my time in Japan, but I also don’t want to forget things.

These are my 10 goals for October! They are all pretty straight forward and I should be able to accomplish most if not all of them. I’m hoping that this month is the month that I complete all of them, that way I can reward myself.

Are you excited that it is finally Autumn? Have you made a list of goals for this month? If so what are they? Is your list full of fun fall activities? What is your favorite thing about fall?

As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great day! Happy Autumn!


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