The Undead Chronicles – Vickie

I don’t have much time to write this, so excuse any grammatical errors or if I don’t explain everything. I don’t think I have time to go into a lot of detail. My name is Vickie Jones and I am 23 years old. America has turned to shit, I guess it’s always been shit, but it’s even more shit now. Things really hit the fan about 4 years ago, there was a presidential election that made history in an unexpected way. Our country was split for a while, but once the supports for the president realized how horrible he was we joined together again. We didn’t come together in time, the president had lifted so many regulations on so many things. That’s how this all started, the president viewed regulations as something that was holding America back. In a way, he was right, it was holding us back except it was holding us back in the right way.

When these regulations were lifted people started abusing the system and people who felt like the end was coming started getting careless. Three years into the presidency an outbreak happened at the CDC in Baltimore. The news channels covered it pretty well.

“An outbreak of a new virus created by a scientist has occurred. We do not know all the details but we will update you as soon as we can”

“This virus was created combining two very deadly diseases into one. They were testing on monkeys, a monkey got loose and bit a scientist. After that, the scientist started biting other people”

“This is an emergency broadcast message….Please gather basic supplies and stay indoors. Do not interact with anyone who is covered in blood, who has a fever over 103, who cannot talk, has started acting erratically, or has started biting people…Repeat avoid people with any of these symptoms”

After these new broadcasts happen, do you know what the president tried to say? “Ignore these new reports, they are lying, nothing is happening.” HA! What a load of crap, this was the beginning of the end. America would slowly implode on itself.

The people who were infected with this virus decided they liked the taste of people and you know what, they starting biting and eating people. They lost all morals, they lost their humanity and simply became animals. It’s terrifying but this is American life now, running away from this undead and surviving. America has experienced an undead apocalypse, it’s extremely similar to all of those zombie shows that came out years ago.

When you think about it that way, you understand why people didn’t take this seriously. The outbreak started in Baltimore then slowly spread throughout the country. The people who believed the president when he said there was nothing to worry about were the worst off. They hadn’t collected supplies or weapons. They kept living in their fantasy life and then those cities went dark. No one knew what happened, left and right major cities were going dark. We couldn’t contact anyone, cell phone towers started going down, we lost power and we lost the internet. The last thing as huge, it was a major part of peoples lives and then suddenly it was gone. Learning how to live without internet was almost as hard as learning how to live with the dead!

I was based in a small town in Louisiana, but we prepared for the inevitable. The dead traveled in packs, shambling about with their arms, eyes, skin or even legs falling off. They were decaying, as the dead do, but they were also fighting to live by eating every none dead. My town was overrun overnight, and I managed to escape.

I had a backpack full of supplies and I started traveling on the road. While on the road I met up with a group of 6 people. I introduced myself and they were friendly, I traveled with them until recently. The reason I stopped is that I was bitten. I was fucking bitten. Sometimes it takes minutes to turn but in my case (Lucky me!) it is taking weeks. The group and I were discovered by a pack of the dead, they surrounded us. I was bitten, one of the members of the group was killed, but 5 others survived. At least I hope they did, once I was bitten I ran the opposite direction. I refuse to kill anyone.

I’m writing this so if someone finds this they know what needs to be done. I’ve locked myself in a house and I plan on putting this on the front door. I’ll be an undead soon and I need someone to finish me off. I don’t have the courage to do it myself. The pain in my arm is unbearable, it’s making writing extremely hard. I would like whoever finds this to finish me off, but I would also like them to know where my group and I were going.

While on the road, before this incident, we came across a CDC in Texas. There were people living there, some were scientists and some were just your everyday people. We stayed there for a couple days and we learned that there were scientists at a secret lab in Oklahoma were working on a cure for this virus. The scientist in Texas asked us if we might travel to see if they if they had finished the cure yet. If we did this we could have some of the cure and stay at the CDC with them. We agreed and started traveling. Shortly after that, we got attacked and here I am. I barely got to travel with my group and I’ll never know if there is a cure. However is reading this, please find my group and tell them what happened to me. The names of the survivors in my group are Dennis, Liza, Florence, Lee, and Travis.

Please find them.

Please tell them what happened to me.

I can’t write anymore, if you are reading this…please for the love of god, fucking kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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