Loving my body one step at a time

Loving your body when society tells you that you shouldn’t is hard. I’m not perfect, and I certainly do not look perfect. My body type, like millions of others, isn’t what we see in the mainstream media. So sometimes it can be hard to love yourself. I’m getting there, slowly, but I’m getting there. At the moment, I love my body because it’s the only one I have. Why would I spend my life hating something that is mine? Just like everyone else I have insecurities. Recently I read an article about how to deal with you insecurities in 4 steps. It was an interesting read, I decided to give these four steps a try. The first thing I wanted to get over, was my insecurity about my upper arms.

I know a lot of men and women are insecure about their upper arms. Some think their arms are too small for their body or too big. In my case, I feel like my arms are too big. This has been an insecurity of mine for awhile, and to be honest, i’m not sure when it started. I have other insecurities of course, but this one stops me from wearing tank tops or anything sleeveless out in public during the summer. Which is horrible, I live in Florida and it is hot more days than it is cold. So I thought this would be the best insecurity to start getting over.

The four steps to dealing with insecurities are as follows: Admit to yourself that you have this insecurity, admit to others that you have this insecurity, Eliminate all those from your life who try to take advantage of your insecurity, and prove to yourself that you can be happy and fulfilled regardless of your insecurity.

The first step is easy, I’ve known for awhile that my arms are a big insecurity of mine. But by labeling them as an insecurity instead of a “problem area”, made me feel a little bit better about them. The only person who has ever told me my arms are a “problem area”, is myself. No one has ever brought it up to me, and so maybe this is all in my head.

Second step: Admit to others that you have this insecurity. This one is hard, I’ve admitted to my mom about my insecurity but no one else. This blog post serves as way for me to admit to many other people that it is an insecurity of mine.

Third Step: Eliminate all those from your life who try to take advantage of your insecurities. I don’t think this step can be applied to my upper arms, unless someone wants to take advantage of me by taking all my nice sleeveless tops. Which hasn’t happened yet, so I highly doubt it ever will

Fourth Step: Prove to yourself that you can be happy and fulfilled regardless of what you’re insecure about. This one was the hardest step, and the only way I could think of proving to myself that this won’t hold me back was to wear a tank top to the gym. It was surprising nerve racking for me to put the tank top on without a jacket or anything. I felt exposed and uncomfortable. I left the house before I could change my mind, on the walk to my car I felt good, but as I started getting closer to the gym I started panicking a little bit. “What if people think I look horrible?”. “What if someone looks at me strangely?”. Other thoughts came into my mind, but I kept trying to push them away. I got out of my car and started walking to the gym. My anxiety started to rear it’s ugly head. But I kept moving forward and I made it in side. Can you guess what happened next??

If you guess that no one gave a damn, you’d be correct! No one looked at me, no one made comments, and best of all, I felt good. I was able to do my full cardio work out, along with my weigh training without any more anxious thoughts. I have to admit, working out in a tank top is a lot more comfortable than working out in a heavy t-shirt. I will bet doing it again. It was my first time ever wearing a tank top to the gym, and it won’t be my last. My next step will be to wear a sleeveless top outside of the gym, but that is for another day!

I’m hoping that I can overcome this insecurity. Since I’m doing weights my arms should tone up and maybe I’ll start looking at my arms as pillars of strength. Insecurities are hard to overcome, and I certainly didn’t completely over come mine today. But I took the first step, and I’m proud of myself.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your insecurities? Have you made a plan to start dealing with them? If you have, what are your plans? I’m curious to read how other people deal with them.




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