My Japan Bucket List

If you’ve read my previous post about food, you know I love food. I cannot wait to try actual Japanese food. I’m very excited, so excited that my bucket list has been broken into three parts. Places to eat, Places to visit, and things to eat.

Most of the restaurants on my bucket list are just chain restaurants.  But I really want to go to these places. So, don’t judge me! Also the food is pretty common but I really want to try it. Most of the places I want to see are tourist spots, which is what I will be so it’s okay. If you have any suggestions of places I should go in Tokyo and Kyoto please let me know!

Okay, bucket list time!

Places to eat:



Nabezo is a Shabu Shabu restaurant, I’ve always wanted to go to a Shabu Shabu restaurant and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this chain. So we are going to try and find one near us!

Kura Sushi


Kura Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain in Japan. However, the special thing about them is that for every 5 plates you eat there is a chance you could win a capsule toy! They also have an ordering system that can display in English as well! That will help with ordering things, my Japanese isn’t 100% so it will be nice.



Torikizoku is a Izakaya/Yakitori resturant that sells 280‎円 per plate which is a great deal! Most of the plates come with two sticks and so you can try everything on the menu. I’ve heard great reviews for this chain and I cannot wait to try them out!



Ichiran is a super cool ramen chain where you don’t have to intereact with a waiter at all! You go in, select from a vending machine and then customize your options when you sit down. It seems so amazing and I can see us going to this place multiple times while we are there. We will also try other ramen shops while we are there!

Coco Curry


I love Japanese style curry, when I found out Japan had it’s own curry house I was so excited. I usually have Japanese style curry at least once every two weeks. It’s so good. I think out of all the chain restaurants i’m most excited about this one, my mom would make Japanese curry for me all the time when I lived at home. It’s a comfort food and I can’t wait to try it in Japan!



Sukiya is a cheap gyudon restaurant, which is basically just beef on top of rice. It’s simple and cheap which is perfect since we aren’t made of money. We will also probably stop by Sukiya to get a traditional Japanese breakfast a couple of mornings.

Itame Sushi


Now, this restaurant will be a splurge for sure. But it will be well worth it. It is a sushi restaurant and they have one in Tokyo that is set in an Edo Tokyo theme. I’m looking forward to trying their sushi while dressed in a Yukata.

Things I want to eat:

Places I want to visit:

These are all things I would like to eat and places I would like to visit. I hope I can get to all of them, and I’ll write about my experiences at all of the places I go! This trip is going to be an adventure and I’m so excited to experience all of these new things. I hope you’ll be here to come on this adventure with me! Thank you for reading!


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