Traveling on a Budget

In 4 months my boyfriend and I will be flying to Japan. It’s so unbelievable, it still feels like this is a dream. It probably won’t hit me until me feet touch Japanese soil that I am going to Japan. It’s taken me many years to get here and I’m so excited. Going to Japan is extremely expensive, but I used my budgeting skills to help us get deals.

Our plane tickets were such a deal! I watched ticket prices go up and down for months until they finally dropped to a low price. We do not live near an airport that can take us straight to Japan so it was very important that I find good deals. The tickets were about $800 each, then we upgraded to delta comfort plus which made our tickets around $1,200 each. Which is more expensive than the base price but our flight is going to be 14 hours long so we wanted it to be at least a little comfortable. There is also only one connecting flight and then we are up in the air to Japan which I felt made it worth every penny. (There will also be free alcohol on the flight, so that’s a bonus) We splurged on the tickets for sure, but we made up the savings with the places we are staying while in Japan.

My boyfriend and I used Airbnb to find where we wanted to stay. Hotels in Tokyo are crazy expensive and we simply do not have the means to pay for that. Airbnb offered a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel. It will also allow us to feel as though we live there and we are not just simply visiting. We found an apartment in Tokyo and an apartment in Kyoto! We will be renting the apartment in Tokyo our whole trip and then renting the apartment in Kyoto for two nights. I’m very excited that we will be able to afford to stay in Tokyo and Kyoto for a couple of nights. Without Airbnb, we wouldn’t have been able to visit both cities! Even though this sound like and ad, it’s not. I just really love Airbnb and what they stand for.

The apartment in Tokyo is about a 30-minute train ride to central Tokyo and it puts us close to everything we want to see while also getting us away from the hustle of the big city. Our apartment in Kyoto puts us right near all the tourist attractions I want to see. The bamboo forest, the monkey park, the Katsura river, etc. These things are walking distance from where we are staying and there is a steakhouse on the first floor of the apartment. Which is a huge bonus, we don’t have to wander around our first night trying to find a place to eat. I’m extremely happy with the apartments we found and I cannot wait to stay in them! I’ve always wanted to live in Japan, so this gives me a taste of what it would be like.

The best way to get to Kyoto from Tokyo is to take the Shinkansen, or the bullet train. Bullet train tickets are expensive, they run about $120 or more per ticket one way. So, to save on that and save on train tickets here and there, we have decided to purchase the JR Rail Pass. It is about $250 for 7 days, but we get unlimited rides on JR Train lines during that timeline. Shinkansen trains are run by the JR rail lines, so we are saving right away just by buying it for the trip to Kyoto. The Japanese train system is daunting and we are going to get lost, but I’m very excited to have this adventure.

We will also be renting a pocket wi-fi for the whole trip, the cost to rent it the whole trip is around $100. It’s not cheap, but my boyfriend and I are splitting everything down the middle. $50 for each of us to get wi-fi for the whole trip and not run up phone bills, which is priceless in my opinion. Hopefully having this pocket wi-fi will help us from getting lost!

With everything added up this trip, not including spending money, will cost about $2,000 each! Which is amazing considering simply staying at a hotel would cost us that much. The last thing we need to do is save up a ton of money for spending, which I’m already on the way to do doing that. We are both budgeting extremely hard to be able to do this, for the past 7 months that’s all we’ve been doing is saving money and budgeting. We haven’t done as many things as we would have liked to do, but this will be worth every sacrifice that we made.

This trip is a once in a lifetime trip and I’m so ready for it. I haven’t planned exactly what we are going to do, but I do have a bucket list of things I must do while I’m there. I will write about that in another blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading about how I saved money on the basics to go to Japan!

Let me know your tips for traveling or if you have any tips for my trip to Japan! Thank you again for reading!


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