One of my favorite/weird hobbies is to make up stories that I tell to myself or others. I never right them down but I think I’m going to finally start writing them down and make them full-fledged stories. I have found a series of writing prompts that will get my imagination juices running and I’ll be writing more stories. I’m hoping to write one short-story a week using the writing prompts or just write a story that I was inspired to write.

I’m also hoping to put some of my opinions out into the world. With everything going on, I’d like to write well researched articles and also put them in this section of my blog. I secretly loved writing research papers in college it was so much fun to find new information about a topic I thought I knew well.

My writing skills are not amazing, but I’m hoping with some more practice I will become a better writer. This is what this section of my blog is going to be, a place where I can put my thoughts, stories and articles. Constructive criticism is welcome here, I’ll never improve without the input of other people.  I hope to write something you enjoy, I’m looking forward to this!


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  1. This is amazing Jasmine! I love reading short stories…so I can’t wait for these 😊❤️ xxxxx


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