Thoughts on Traveling

Traveling is such an amazing part of life. To be able to see the world from another cultures point of view is breath taking. I’ve been traveling my whole life, my parents exposed me to many different cultures at a young age and by doing so, they gave me wanderlust. I’m so unbelievably lucky to have parents who took the time to travel with me at such a young age.

I was born in England, while living there we traveled across England. Staying in different villages and towns whenever we had the money. Living in England also gave us the advantage of easy traveling to Europe’s main land, we visited France and Spain. Then at age 7 we moved to America, we continued to travel and go back to my home country of England.

We had one final move, to Florida, and we stopped traveling. Life caught up to us and we didn’t have the time or the money to travel. Now I’m an adult and I have my first decent paying job. I’ve budgeted and saved extremely hard over the past year, I’m proud to say that because of these efforts I will be starting my own travels this November! I will be going to Japan for 13 days and 12 nights with my long-term boyfriend of 6 years.

This is a lifetime dream coming true, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and it honestly still feels like a dream. Traveling to Japan will be my first adventure without my parents, I’m excited but at the same time a little bit sad that they won’t be experiencing this with me. But that’s ok, I’m sure this won’t be my last time going to Japan and next time I’ll bring them with me.

I’ll write more about my plans for Japan and why I’m so excited for this trip in another blog post. The travel section of my blog will contain all my travel idea/plans and all the photos I take on my trips. I hope you stick around to see my adventures!


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